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You’re {Interesting}

Remember:  You’re interesting, and you’re different and I like that.  You do you boo!

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{Accessorize} What You’ve Got

Maybe the best any of us can do is to not quit, play the hand given, and accessorize the outfit we’ve got — Carrie Bradshaw

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{Here} it Comes

Here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten….like for example how glorious Fridays make you feel 🙂

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{Move} On

Sometimes you just need to throw things away from your mind so you can move on.  Hope you let go of anything that’s holding you back this Thursday.

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Live a Great {Story}

Don’t pass a mediocre existence on this planet….live a great story! Hope this Thursday turns out to be a mesmerizing page in your story.

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Be {Quiet}

The answers you are looking for are available if you just be quiet for a while.  Listening is still the most underused skill, and still the most valuable.  Try vocalizing a little less today and listening a little more.  Let me know what you hear, XOXO.

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Be {Happy}

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” Among the long list of poignant life reflective quotes by Oscar Wilde, that has to be my favorite….and I’m using it today as my ammo.  Hope you have a glorious Thursday.

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Be {Nice} to People

Words to live by: work hard & be nice to people.  You might work your way up to the top by bullying and stepping over others, but karma will eventually catch up to you….and remember, karma has no deadline.  Peace and love will always be in style.

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Always {Believe}

The moment you stop believing it, is the moment you ensure it will never happen.  Happy Friday!!! Hope you have a spectacular day and gorgeous weekend ahead. XOXO

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Be {Different}

Why would you want to be like anyone else when you are you??? So happy it’s Friday y’all… hope you are happy too, and hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Chanel Fall 2014 Couture

Kendall Jenner makes her first Haute Couture appearance at Chanel in Paris.  And in other news, Lagerfeld is trying to make overcoats over shorts happen.  Traditional tweed and gold embroideries just like any Chanel show should include!

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All {Shook} Up

Just a bit of style inspo to get you geared for a long weekend…with a dash of Elvis to boot.  Happy happy Thursday happy papples!

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Interested in {Frivolity}

Love Sophia Coppola’s quote below!  Why can’t we accept the fact that many women are dynamic and complex beings that sometimes are just as well read in the state of world affairs as they are in fashion history?  That is the very grounds on which this here blog was built!

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