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{Old} Ways

Old ways won’t open new doors.  If you want to see a change, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.  Happy Tuesday go-getters!

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Impress {Thyself}

I dress to impress myself — Kanye.  Me too, Kanye.  Me too.

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The {Import} of Fashion

Like everything that gives pleasure, fashion is worth doing well.  Wishing you all a fantastic Thursday, XOXO.

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Make a {Plan}

Friday is the perfect day to reflect on the week and make a plan for the next.  Good luck to you, gorgeous. XOXO.

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Rather be {Shopping}

Rather be shopping today in either SF or NYC with my sissy and then enjoying a cocktail….but gotta work hard for a few more weeks until enjoying a few days off and doing just that.  Happy Wednesday gorgeous people! XOXO.

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Stop {Waiting}

Friday is almost here, but let’s stop waiting for it and enjoy each and every day!

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Create Your Own {Style}

Back at it and fashion daydreams are at the forefront of my mind once again…just a little dose of style inspiration to encourage your daydreams as well.  Be easy XOXO

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The Greatest {Pleasure}

One of the greatest pleasures is showing people they are wrong about you by doing what they say you cannot do.  Hope you have a fabulous day continuing your hustle.  P.S:  Will be on holiday for the next 10 days so things will be quiet here for a while….don’t miss me too much! You can follow me on Instagram @sheisimpeccable to follow my European adventure. XOXO

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