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Do What You {Love}

My Super Bowl took place last night.  Below I’m sharing some of my favorite looks of the Met Gala…plus, LARRY! I can just imagine Larry walking the red carpet, with screaming people asking, “Larry, what are you wearing?!” Larry would naturally respond, “What’s it matter to you what I’m wearing?” Who wore your favorite look?

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{Grind} On

Tuesday is like a Monday repeat, only with one less cup of coffee.  A little dose of digital inspo as you get your grind on today.

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Say {Yes}

Just say yes, and you’ll figure it out later.  Pretty much my mantra in my work and professional life.  Just a bit of digital inspo to get you moving through the day, and a dash of Larry to boot.  XOXO

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Respect {Yourself}

The amount of respect you award yourself is the amount of respect you will be rewarded by others.  Respect yourself accordingly.

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{Lovely} Times

We are living in some lovely times…you would see it if you just stopped to smell the roses.  Evil still prevails in every crevice of society and of course it always will, but ripples of change and good begins with us.  Wishing you a gloriously productive and joyous Tuesday. XOXO

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Be {Happy}

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” Among the long list of poignant life reflective quotes by Oscar Wilde, that has to be my favorite….and I’m using it today as my ammo.  Hope you have a glorious Thursday.

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The World is Your {Oyster}

You can accomplish anything if you have the guts and confidence to go for it.  The world is your oyster, so get your shit together and contribute something GOOD.  Hope you have a perfect Wednesday gorgeous people.

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